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We are Consciousness

Welcome to my site.  I am honored to have the opportunity to share with you.  This site is dedicated to the awakening of consciousness within humanity and a remembering of the truth of all as love. As we awaken and remember our true nature as pure source love and light we remember all is energy, frequency, vibration.  Consciousness is who we are…  infinite and eternal.  As we remember and expand our awareness, we transcend the limits of old and access the dimensions of infinite potential and unlimited possibilities. Pure abundance, beauty and love are our natural way of being. Opening your heart is the key to unlocking your heaven on Earth.  Heaven on Earth is a reality based in unity, sharing, love, abundance, freedom, beauty, magic, peace, joy and so much more.  Come explore this new way of being and create the life of your dreams.


Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth is a choice we make in each now moment as we align to the truth of our being.  The truth of our being is pure love, pure consciousness.  We have never been anything but pure love.  All possibilities and potentials for our heaven on Earth are available in this here and now as all is happening simultaneously.

Harmonize With Your Truth

We are energetic beings.  In fact, everything is energy, consciousness, and frequency.  When we tune to the frequency of the All, we harmonize with our true selves as pure love.  As we remember ourselves as love and light and release limiting beliefs, fears our realities align to unity, fun, ease and flow.  Magic and miracles are our true way of being when we harmonize with our truth.


Light Expansion Sessions

It is my honor to guide you on a journey of self discovery within.  Book a half hour or full hour session online.

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