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Clearing "survival" energy

We create experiences to further our remembrances of who we truly are. I have been experiencing an awesome winter storm that dropped over 6" inches of snow, freezing rain and brought single digit temps to our area that is normally sunny and mild during the winter. The snowy hills were fun for about a day and then the pipes froze and streets iced over leaving us with no running water and icy road conditions. Everything shut down (again) in our area and I could feel the fear creeping up. My basic survival instincts came bubbling up... what if we don't have not enough water, what if we run out of food, what if we lose power and freeze to death? Why does the human mind always go to worst case scenario? How do I change that to a best case scenario?

Today is the fourth day of no running water and freezing temps and the snow is falling again. So I decide I am done experiencing this situation in a way that is less than amazing. I sit down next to the fire and I close my eyes and quiet my mind to go within. I want to see what my heart has to say about all this. When I stop to breathe and go within I can feel the fireplace warm against my skin, my body completely relaxed after 4 days of nowhere to go/nothing to do, my sweet dog, Marley resting by my side. I find a quiet that I don't normally experience on a weekday. I find a sense of Peace that has eluded me for days (a lifetime). Everything feels as it ought to be. I remember that I am Pure Source Energy, Pure Light and Love. I am Pure Consciousness. I am Beyond form. I am Limitless, Eternal and Abundant. I remember that what I see out there is a reflection of what I hold inside. When I see anything less than love... that is my distortion. When I see a lack of anything... that is my limited human view, my perceived separation from Source, from all that is. I see that I created this experience to give me a deeper understanding of my Limitless nature as an Energetic Being. If I am not limited to this form/body then I no longer need to be concerned with basic human survival needs of water, food, shelter. I realize that I am independent of the lower frequencies/3D/4D matrix and it's perceived limits... I have always been. In the present moment, tuned to the frequency of Love/higher frequencies, my natural state, all things are easily accessed. I feel Abundant and Peaceful. Each moment is Pure Unlimited Potential. When I allow my mind to wander to the worst case scenario/lower frequencies... I momentarily lose my power as a Creator. I experience lack and fear.

In a further expanded view, I can see that as we expand in Light and can hold the higher frequencies of Love and Abundance we no longer require the experiences for remembering, We no longer forget the Beauty and Peace that we are and our realities become those of softness, ease and flow. As I look out the window now, I see the snow falling, hear the birds singing and I am filled with a Peace and Serenity that I was not aware of before. The Peace and Serenity have always been here... I just had to go within and remember this is who I am, who we are. I am grateful for no running water, the canned refried beans we've been eating for two days and for having nowhere to go. It allowed me the space, the time to clear this perceived energy of needing to survive... the perception that I was lacking anything... the perception that I am limited to this body. Which of course is the illusion.

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