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Surrender.... that's all I wrote and I was asleep again. Today is one of those days where my plans get set aside. One of the days that I let go and allow my body tell me what we are doing. Today I am sleeping and integrating Light/information/energy codes. So far it's been a lot of sleeping and a walk outside.

This morning I was on my yoga mat finishing up a little movement when I laid down for my final pose of Savasana. With my eyes closed in a completely relaxed state, I saw my human body split down the center and open like the Earth splitting apart during an earthquake. My human body opened up from head to tail and out walked my Lightbody. My Lightbody looked like a computerized silhoutte of the body, held together by a golden grid of light. All the human-ness was gone. And it moves like a ninja (or Rayla, the Moonshadow Elf from The Dragon Prince ;-) Super cool! I've been working for 2 + years to activate my Light body, my vehicle for ascension. Doing everything high vibration to raise the vibration of my body so my Lightbody can activate. I've been eating live/light foods, getting out in the sun/nature, clearing low vibe thoughts and emotions, surrounding myself with everything high vibe. And letting go of everyone and everything that no longer serves me (there is no judgement here). I shed my human "suit" today. I surrender to the embodiment of my Higher Self, my Lightbody. It's time to fly.

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