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7 Signs You Are Ascending

As we awaken to ourselves as something more than the limited human body we start to let go of the old human ways. Our lives begin to shift in many ways. As you Ascend, you may experience some or all of these signs:

1. You no longer are interested in doing the things you used to do and find yourself pulling away from people, situations that once interested you.

2. You ARE interested in things that you once dismissed as mythical, magical. You find yourself looking, searching beyond the dense physical reality for answers. A desire to meditate, care for the body becomes paramount.

3. The desire to get outdoors, connect with nature and be in the sunshine increases and becomes a must.

4. You have an undeniable need to sleep no matter the time of day. You may also have trouble falling asleep at night or find yourself waking up in the middle of the night.

5. Strange sensations in the body... pain in the teeth, bones, muscle. Headaches. Weakness one day/tons of energy the next. Physical changes to the body that don't have a rational or medical explanation. A visible breaking down of the physical body.

6. Changes in your diet. A need for raw/live/Light foods... fruits, vegetables in their natural form. Unusual cravings.

7. A deep knowing within that things are changing and you are somehow a part of this bigger change. A desire for something more.

Technically, we have already Ascended. We Ascend first on a soul level and then we consciously Ascend in the physical. Some have awakened to the process of Ascension, others are still awakening. Either way there is no denying that things are changing. We can feel it from deep within, we can see it in our lives. We know something bigger is happening. We all chose to be here at this time to assist in the Ascension process. So what is Ascension? In a nutshell, Ascension is the process of releasing the lower realms (limiting beliefs, fear, doubt, 3D/4D matrix programming, density, duality, separation) to raise the body's vibration, integrate our Light (Lightbody) and embody our Higher Self. In other words, as we remember ourselves as Limitless, multi-dimensional Beings of Light we transcend the limits of the lower realms and Ascend into the higher realms/dimensions. We return to ourselves as multi-dimensional beings.

We know that we have begun the Ascension process when the things that used to occupy our time/space/energy no longer interest us. We find ourselves pulling away from relationships and obligations. No longer interested in the "musts" and "shoulds" of society. Our interests change. We look for ways get outdoors in nature, to be close to the water, to soak up the sunshine. We look for ways to connect with others on a more meaningful level. We may find that our jobs no longer satisfy us, we are no longer willing to settle. We pull away from almost everything we once knew to begin a journey of self discovery. Going within allows us to connect to that deep place where we find our answers, where we find our True Self.

Napping throughout the day becomes a necessity, not a luxury. As we raise our vibration and integrate more of our own Light we must sleep to allow the process to occur. Allowing the process to happen and honoring the body's needs will make this an easier ride. As the Lightbody activates we may wake in the middle of the night, have wild magical dreams, nightmares, night sweats and more. Only to wake in the morning and have no idea where we are. Lots of things are happening in our sleep state. When we consciously choose to clear our old realities/programming/limitations and separation before we go to sleep at night this will assist in the exiting the limited matrix.

As we Ascend, the body goes through a massive process of changing from a dense carbon based body to a body made of Light (Lightbody). Every particle of our body must transform from that of density/duality/separation to expansion and Light. We held the old programming of separation and limitation in our cells/dna and it must be purged from the teeth, bones, muscles, skin, eyes, organs, tissue, hair, skin... every particle will be transformed to Light. This is a process and we can assist our bodies by consciously choosing to raise our vibration with fresh foods, sunshine, clean high ph/alkaline water and all things that raise our vibration (see Sharing on "Raising Your Vibration"). Before I was consciously aware of the Ascension process, I noticed the tissue and muscle breaking down under my skin. I now know it was the old gridwork of limit and density which is held in our muscle and tissues releasing/physically breaking down. The headaches many experience are the mind expanding and the pineal gland coming online. They can also be the old human mind trying to hang on to the old ways. This creates tension where the body naturally wants to transcend and move on. Let go. We can consciously decalcify our pineal gland by researching ways to activate our pineal gland. Our third eye is activated as we go to allow us sight into the multiple dimensions. This is where things get really weird and cool! Ask the body what it needs in any given moment. The body is intelligent and will answer if you listen.

Your diet will change throughout the Ascension process. We become conscious of what the body needs and honor the need for certain foods. One of my cravings as soon as I became Conscious of the Ascension process was chips. I could not get enough tortilla chips. I wanted salty chips, flavored chips for every meal and in between. Chips and salad. Ha! Sometimes it is no food at all. There are days when the body is clearing/releasing and it suits the process to limit intake. Always ask the body what it needs and honor the answer you receive. Dark chocolate is another big one. When the pineal gland is activating you are going to want lots of dark chocolate.

There is no going back to the old ways. We have all agreed to take part in this Ascension process and it is happening now. There is no doubt that things are changing in every way. We can see the old realities built on selfishness and greed are crumbling. Anything that is not highest aligned to Love will be brought into alignment. See what old stories are replaying in your mind and let them go. We can not live in the present when we are stuck in the past. Step into your fears and see that they are nothing but an illusion. Let go of everything that limits you. Allow the process to occur. Become aware of your every moment and choose to come from Love.

With Love and Light,


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