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Peace Comes from Within

A lot is going on in the world right now. If you turn on the news you may see war, suffering, oppression, fight. Alternatively, you may look out and see a world uniting and coming together in the name of freedom and peace. Whatever you see and there is no judgement on what you see... it is all coming from within you. We are beyond powerful creators and we create the reality we experience. There is no one to blame for what we are experiencing. And we do not solve anything by trying to change those around us. Everything you see out there is coming from within you. Buddha said "Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." Let's break this down to understand what is happening on an energetic level.

The reality we experience, what we call our life, is created by the vibration we hold within. The vibration we hold within is projected outward and this creates the physical reality we experience. For example, when we hold the vibration of Love, Unity, Peace (5th dimension) we experience a reality of Love, Unity and Peace. When we hold the vibration of separation, lack and fear (3rd dimension) we experience a host of energetic realities filled with duality, isolation, competition, scarcity, drama, density, etc... all low vibrational. When we are in low vibrational thought and belief of judgement, lack, fear and separation regarding ourselves, others and our experiences... we create disharmony within. Disharmony creates a tug-o-war between the heart and the mind. The 3rd dimensional mind has limited perception and has forgotten the truth of who we are. The heart being our connection to Truth and Divinity.

In Truth, we are Pure Love, Pure Consciousness, Pure Light, Pure Peace. We are all One and we have chosen to be here on Earth at this time for the great awakening of humanity and to create a New Earth based on Unity and Love. The events we see out there in the world are to show us what we hold within. This is an opportunity for us to raise our vibration. If you see fighting/war/disharmony, go within and see where you are fighting with others, fighting with yourself, where you are not in harmony. If you see suffering, go within and see where you are trying to control situations, relationships, outcomes. See where you "need to be right." All of these low vibrational thoughts and beliefs create suffering. Only when we find True Harmony and Peace within will we experience Truth in our reality. How do we do this on a practical level? By being present in each moment and tuning our hearts/minds/being to the frequency and vibration of Pure Love, Pure Light, Pure Consciousness. This takes practice. Getting out in nature and moving the energy/body also assists with the process of tuning to a higher vibration. Check out my Light Activation "Tuning to the Frequency of Pure Source Love and Light" to move yourself into the vibration of Love, Harmony and Peace. Continually practicing and holding the higher vibrations of Love, Peace and Unity will shift your reality/realities.

Be the Peace you wish to see in the world. Remember who you are as Peace, Love and Light. This is how we create change. This is how we create a New Earth together. Peace comes from within.

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