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Waking Up

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

We don't know we are asleep until we begin waking up. All the things we thought were make-believe, impossible start to come alive and ring true as we wake up. Symbols and signs we left for ourselves along the way like breadcrumbs have been leading us to this point. Our old fixed realities of lack, limitation, fear and drama start to lose their appeal. We find ourselves pulling away from relationships, jobs that no longer bring us joy. A new fascination with the weird and wacky draws us toward the unimaginable. Our realities start to turn upside down and things can get really confusing. Some of us wake up in harsh. traumatic ways. Others chose a gentler way. We are always waking up. Everything we experience is an activation for awakening. As we awaken, the need for extra sleep is undeniable. Napping throughout the day is not a luxury but a must. We begin listening to our body, giving it extra care and attention. Our diet changes and we start to eliminate harsh chemicals from our homes and body. We pay attention to what we will allow in our reality and what no longer resonates with us.

So what are we waking up to/from? Along my journey, I was asked to meditate on the Lord's Prayer for 40 days. If you grew up in the Christian church you know this prayer well. Forty days seemed like a long time (ego/separation) but I decided to do it anyway. I had a meditation practice going so I sat with the prayer and recited it from memory in my mind. As I recited the prayer over and over the line "Thy Kindgom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven" kept jumping out to me. All my attention centered around this line. This line of the prayer was in BOLD print. Around day 40, I realized what my heart (Higher Self) was telling me... exactly what the line says... duh! My/Your/Our Kingdom of Heaven is coming to Earth (in reality it is already here). Big breadcrumb but I still wasn't sure what this all meant. I didn't understand anything about frequency and vibration at the time. I did not yet realize that everything is energy including us. We are Light Beings. I had not yet awakened to myself as Consciousness, as All that is. I did not know that I/we are here for the Ascension of Earth, the Ascension of Humanity and the Creation of New Earth.

It wasn't until we made the move to Austin in 2018 that I awakened to New Earth, Ascension and Multi-dimensionality. When we moved I made the decision to leave my work behind, along with many obligations (self created), and a lot of heavy programming and limiting beliefs. By making the move, I was telling my Universe I'm flexible and open to change. At this point, I made a commitment to myself to live in Joy rather than pain, lack and struggle and opened the door for my Consciousness to come in. This door/portal activated the codes within my cellular memory. It was my "time" to awaken. Of course, there were many other things leading up to this moment... as all is an activation... we are always waking up. As we awaken to Ascension and ourselves as multi-dimensional beings a lot of information comes flooding in. We remember ourselves as Boundless, Eternal Beings of Energy and Light. No longer limited to the dense human body of 3D/4D... we never were. With practice we learn to hold our Presence, the Higher frequencies in every moment and embody our Light and Higher aspects. We do this by opening our hearts and aligning to Love. Every moment we are making the choice to choose the Higher frequency of Love and Light over the lower frequencies of lack, limitation and fear. And by doing this we are raising our vibration and the vibration of Humanity. This is why we are all here. We are waking from the deep sleep, the amnesia we all agreed to upon coming here. We are remembering ourselves as the Magnificent Light Beings we have forgotten to BE. The veils have lifted.

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