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Creating the Realities We Desire

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Our realities are not fixed. What we perceive as our reality is nothing more than a projection, a hologram, a simulation based on the beliefs and frequencies we hold within. We create our reality in every moment whether we are aware of it or not. We can reform and reshape our realities and create new ones when we understand how. If the reality you are experiencing is filled with lack and limitation... then lack and limitation are what you hold inside. We can release the old realities and create new ones that are limitless, abundant and full of fun. To change our realities we must let go of all limiting beliefs and the old human 3D/4D matrix programming we hold inside. See where you limit yourself. See where you come from lack. Ask to be shown all the ways you come from lack and limitation. See where you protect yourself. Remember, everything is you, Everything is Love. Why would you need to protect yourself from You, from Love? As you release and transcend the old ways/the lower vibrations you can begin to put your attention on what you do desire. As we release the limitation and lack, we raise our vibration and hold more Light. The Light we hold allows us access to Amazing, Limitless, Brilliant realities.

All the realities we desire are in a higher vibration... what human perceives as the future. We access these higher vibrations, higher dimensions in the present moment by going within and tuning to the Pure Love, Light, and Consciousness we are. We are Pure Source Consciousness and Pure Source Consciousness is an ever flowing source of Abundance and Love. Our human experience or perceived separation is why we believe we are experiencing something less. When we experience less it is only because we have forgotten who we are. To create the realities we desire we must go within and tune to the Source of all that is. Tune to the Pure Love that we are and truly feel that which we desire. Imagine what you desire, see it, feel it, know that it is yours. See, feel and know that you are a Master Creator, a Magnificent Being of Light and Love. All is available to you, for you, as you. We must also believe we are worthy of all good things or the flow to materialize will be blocked. Check to see where you believe you do not deserve, are not worthy. It is our birthright to be Abundant, Limitless, Radiantly Beautiful.

As we remember who we are and grow in consciousness, the amount of time (separation) it takes for our realities to materialize will become less. As we let go of the old ways and raise our vibration/hold more Light... materialization will occur. We are Master Creators and whatever we truly desire is ours when we tune to the frequency of Love and Light.

If you find that you continually desire something and it has not materialized... Go inside and see that your head and heart are aligned. Often the head will convince you that you "need" something while the heart is always highest aligned and knows only truth. Our heart is our connection to Source and vibrates with the highest frequency of Love and Light.. Tune your head and heart to the frequency of Love. This will allow for Pure materialization that is highest aligned.

Practice creating your new/highest aligned realities:

Release old beliefs/matrix programming of lack, limitation, protection, separation

Tune to the vibration of Pure Source Love and Light

Imagine/see/feel your new realities full of Abundance, Magic, Joy...

Align heart and head to the frequency of Love and Light

Know that you are worthy of all good things

Remember, you are creating in every moment so be conscious of your thoughts

Have fun creating all that you desire. Be adventurous and playful. Create beautiful realities full of magic and freedom. You are the Creator of your Realities!

Much Love,


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