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Opening Your Heart

As humans our hearts were closed. We did not understand that we built walls of protection around our heart. We closed our hearts to protect us against others, from our surroundings, from our experiences. As humans we did not trust our Universe and perceived life to be full of danger. What we don't understand is that everything that happens to us is an activation, an opportunity to awaken... A moment to be present and receive a message from our Higher Self, our Universe. We don't understand that when our heart is closed we close ourself off to all the feelings, messages and knowing that is our True Self. Through the process of opening our heart and letting go we begin to see that everything has happened FOR us.

A closed heart lives in fear and unknowing, disconnected from its source of information, from Love. Your universe is always communicating with you. Sending you messages through animals and nature, a lyric in a song, through a conversation with another person, through symbols and themes in a movie or a book. We miss these messages when we are closed off from our heart and living in our head. The human lives from the head... rationalizing and complicating everything. As we let go of the protection that our ego/human mind convinced us was necessary for survival we start to see that the messages are everywhere. We must be present to notice all the information that is available to us. Presence is where all of the answers/creation exists.

How do we open our heart? Getting out in nature, relaxing and breathing in the beauty and abundance. Seeing the flowers, enjoying the sunshine (and the rain). Doing the things we love and that bring us joy. Laughing, playing, dancing, hiking, gardening (getting dirty). Rolling around on the floor like we did as children. These all contribute to opening our heart. Letting go of the fear and protection... trusting that our Universe has our back. If everything is ultimately Love... what are we protecting ourselves from?

So ask yourself... "Where do I protect myself?" "Where am I living in fear?" "Where do I not trust?" See where you are not living your fullest life. Go within and see how your heart feels in a situation. Your heart is your compass and will always lead you Home. Remember... ..If everything is you, if everything is your Higher Self and everything is Love? Then what is not to trust?

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