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Raising Your Vibration

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

All that we desire is in another vibration. We raise our vibration so we can ascend into the 5th dimension and beyond. Ascension into the 5th dimension is the gateway to multidimensionality and a life without limitation. As we raise our vibration we transcend the limitations of lower 3D/4D dimensions. Here are some great ways to raise your vibration...

-Getting outdoors in nature is essential to raising our vibration. Soaking up plenty of sunlight will raise our vibration and boost our mood. Being outdoors is a remembrance of who we are as limitless energetic beings.

-Eating whole foods that are alive is essential to raising our vibration. Plenty of fresh fruits and greens will become your new way of living. Eating the colors of the rainbow will provide your changing body with the all it needs to raise in vibration.

-Drink plenty of clean water. A high alkaline water will balance your ph, reduce acidity and increase energy.

-Sleep! Sleeping to integrate the light is essential for raising your vibration. Don't resist the need to sleep. A 10 minute nap will do wonders (or a 2 hour nap). When we sleep the body shuts down so we can fully integrate the light necessary to raise our vibration.

Laughing, playing and having fun is also a great way to raise your vibration...

-Watch a funny show or cute dog videos.

-Play outdoors with your children or go on a hike with a friend you enjoy being with.

-Get outside and get your hands dirty in your garden.

-Put on some music and dance around your living room.

There are so many ways to play and have fun. Do you what you love to do. Sometimes this means saying "no" to something you think you have to do. Listen to the body. Ask your Higher Self to guide you in the choices you make, Follow your heart and let it lead the way. Raising our vibration is key to transcending the lower dimensions and ascending back into our true nature as a Pure Light Being and all that we desire,

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